Muere Maria Mercedes Zorzona y ponce de Leon

9 Jul 2013
Maria de las Mercedes Zornoza y Ponce de Leon passed away
María de las Mercedes de Zornoza y Ponce de León passed away on 17 March 2020 in Madrid , Spain .

The Princess was born in Madrid, Spain on 02.08.1942. She was the daughter of Don José de Zornoza and Doña María de los Dolores Ponce de León and Puicercus, She married in Nice, France, on 10.03.1968, with H.R.H. Jorge Bagration and Pasquini Head of the Royal House of Georgia, who resided in Spain since childhood.

Doña Maria de las Mercedes Zornoza Ponce de Leon was the mother of Their Royal Highnesses , Maria , Irakli and Davit of Mukhrani and Georgia .

The funeral mass for her soul will be celebrated as soon as the emergency situations in Georgia and Spain are over by the Orthodox rite , faith that she professed.