Fotos antiguas de Meghan y Harry

9 Ago 2014
Fotos raras y divertidas.

Rare Photos Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle
Meagan Nantwich - May 13, 2018

Being royal isn’t always easy, especially when any wrong turn will be plastered in the tabloids. Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had colorful pasts that they are now trying to sweep under the rug. Here are some moments they really don’t want you to see.

Mining The Past
In 2004, Markle was a struggling actress who was introduced to a struggling producer named Trevor Engelson. The two married in 2011, but as Meghan’s career began to take off, they found it really put a damper on their marriage.


Shaking In His Shoes
When you’re royal, the last person you want to make a mistake in front of is the Queen of England. No matter how hard Harry tried, he was always the free spirit of the family. It’s unclear what was going on in this photo. Maybe he was messing around, or maybe he realized he made some sort of mistake. Lucky for him, it seems the Queen is accustomed to his silly antics and, instead of being angry, she’s laughing with him…or maybe at him.


Water Polo Party
Harry has never been one to shy away from pranks, even though he’s well into his adult years. At the conclusion of one polo match, Harry was caught acting less than princely when he was captured in the middle of spouting water from his mouth at an opponent. Though the arc of the spritzing water is definitely impressive, the guy who became the object of the shower was likely less than pleased, even if the water was coming from a prince.


Where’s My Car?
Prince Harry can’t help but book himself wild trips with the boys, and this trip to Vegas looks like it was no different. While it may appear that Harry is simply shouting at this poor security guard, upon closer inspection, the guard seems to be laughing. One might have thought that Harry was once again going a little bit overboard. But in truth, he’s actually just telling the guard a hilarious joke. With that hand gesture, we have to wonder what it could have been about.


Partners In Yoga
You might not have known that Meghan Markle was an avid practitioner of yoga, but this picture of her accepting an assist from Canadian yoga teacher, Duncan Parviainen, doesn’t seem like something the royal family would approve of. Taken at a photo shoot with a health magazine, the pose is totally innocent, but it’s entirely possible that Markle will have to be more careful with her public yoga practices once she ties the knot and becomes a royal.


Three’s A Crowd
No one can blame a young Prince Harry for looking excitedly at Victoria Beckham. After all, even a prince is allowed to love the Spice Girls. Much like little girls proudly wallpaper their rooms with posters of current boy bands like N*SYNC, the Backstreet Boys, or One Direction, Harry clearly harbored a childhood crush on the beautiful Victoria. Seeing the shimmer in his youthful eyes as he watches Victoria greet his father, Prince Charles, is a classic example of an embarrassing photo.


Bad To The Bonas
Before there was Meghan, Prince Harry was involved in a serious relationship with a woman named Cressida Bonas. The pair eventually split in 2014, about two years before he’d begin dating Meghan. We all have pictures with our exes, but given that Cressida has no desire to discuss her past relationship anymore, it’s likely Harry just wishes those old photos would go away. Allegedly, one of the reasons for the split was that Cressida wanted to be an actress, not Prince Harry’s wife.


Cutting A Rug
No one ever said that Prince Harry didn’t know how to get down. There could have been worse venues to snap Harry mid-dance, but he probably didn’t expect to see this photo of himself getting groovy with a local woman in Jamaica again. As the crowd cheers along behind him, Harry seems to be self consciously watching his step. He may know how to dance at a club in England, but letting loose in the streets is a completely different story.


In For The Night
This might appear at first glance to be an extremely intimate photo of Meghan, but the truth is that it’s just a still from a mostly forgotten movie she starred in. There are several reasons why Meghan has to “retire” from her life as an actress upon her marriage, but one of them definitely has to do with more images like this being a possibility. Given the strict rules royals adhere to, this look is certainly not part of the accepted dress code.


Her So-Called Life
As nice as old memories are, most people don’t want their awkward middle school photos coming back to haunt them. Especially in the days before widespread camera phones, or even digital cameras, that give us the ability to delete a photo right after taking it, adolescent awkwardness was on full display in most pictures taken of teens. Meghan would probably prefer that this photo from her teenage years never made it onto the internet. But at least it’s a great example of her style evolution.


9 Ago 2014
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Out On The Town
No one can really fault Meghan for having taken a number of pictures out on the town with her friends, especially given that her husband-to-be has his fair share of party photos. Of course, laying at this angle in the arms of a friend or an ex, Meghan is probably less than pleased this photo has wormed its way into the public conscience. The crown likely doesn’t have to worry about any more of this behavior as her youthful party days are behind her.


Kapping It Off
There’s little more exciting than getting to work on your very first apartment. Usually very elegant, Meghan looks just like the rest of us while trying to focus on undoing the paint job in her pad before moving out. Not only is this photo taken at an incredibly unflattering angle, Meghan is dressed for comfort and for messes, tying her hair back with an awkwardly thick headband while sporting an old sorority baseball tee. Wow, has her look has really evolved since then!


Sealed With A Kiss
This may be another innocent photo of Meghan with a close friend in her younger years, but it’s still a portrayal of intimacy that goes beyond what’s acceptable for a new princess. Meghan’s Instagram used to be littered with such pictures, but she slowly purged them from her page in the lead-up to the wedding, lest anyone get any ideas about her level of commitment to Prince Harry. This is one shot that’s meant to stay between friends.


Try And Stop Me
It only takes the briefest look at Diana’s horrified expression to understand what she’s thinking about her prankster of a son. Despite the fact that William played his role as the young prince in public, his younger brother always had trouble controlling his impulses. Given Diana’s exceptionally put together look, it’s obvious that this was some sort of public outing, and Harry was once again making a fool of his parents by displaying his outlandish behavior.


Model In The Making
Most kids have found themselves at one point attempting to model an absurd look to their parents. Their parents of course snap a photo, hoping to remember the sweet and silly moment for years to come or to thoroughly embarrass the child by their choices when they get older. Though this photo of a young Meghan may come complete with stylish toy sunglasses, the Canada sweatshirt hasn’t aged quite as well. At least it can be shown as proof of Meghan’s affinity for the Commonwealth.


Letting Their Hair Down
A healthy social life in your early twenties generally includes spending epic nights with groups of your peers as you dance the night away, often with a drink in your hand. As you come to the realization of just how epic this night will be, you snap a picture for posterity – only you never expect your future to include a real live prince. It appears that Meghan and Harry had many of these nights out in common before they met.


In One Ear
If ever Chelsy Davy had any questions as to why her on-again, off-again relationship with Prince Harry never worked out, she should probably pull out this picture. Though Harry’s bored expression while his ex whispers excitedly into his ear isn’t his finest moment, it can serve as a memory of mistakes he shouldn’t repeat going forward. Prince Harry certainly seems to have grown up considerably since his days of cavorting around the world with Chelsy.


Paying Games
Promotional photo shoots are usually a necessary part of any featured film work, and they’re definitely not going to go away once Meghan and Harry are officially married. In looking back, however, some TV promos are definitely better than others. Meghan may have always been proud of the acting career she built, but that doesn’t mean she had to love every aspect of her early jobs. These embarrassing photos from Deal or No Deal are definitely not the image a future princess wants the public to have of her.


Belting It Out
Like any enthusiastic party-goer, Prince Harry can hardly be faulted for his desire to sing along to his favorite song when it came on at the club. Of course for Harry, he appears to have been partying for a long while before this picture was taken. Harry may have been accustomed to his reputation as the wild prince, but that doesn’t mean he wants to continue to be associated with the mistakes of his youth as he grows into a mature adult.


Hair Of The Dog
Even celebrities can’t resist the appeal of putting filters on their faces on Snapchat. That being said, such a laid back photo is a look that doesn’t exactly suit the imagine a new princess is trying to promote. Even if there’s nothing inherently embarrassing about Meghan’s former love of Snapchat, it’s well known that social media is unbecoming to royalty. For all the rules, however, there may come a day in the future where all of that changes.


9 Ago 2014

Got Your Popcorn
It’s a good thing Prince Harry seems to love kids so much. Maybe it’s because it lets his youthful nature shine through again, but it also shows that even a prince isn’t immune to having someone stealing his snacks at a sports game. When this intrepid little girl saw a buttery box of popcorn floating within arms reach, she couldn’t help but take a handful. Harry may not have wanted the world to know a little kid nicked some of his popcorn, but he handled it well.


Kickin’ Back
Here’s just another reminder that before she was dating a prince, Meghan Markle was just like the rest of us. She loved taking mirror selfies, wearing leggings, and had a particularly bushy pair of Uggs. Meghan may look comfortable sitting in her sweats at home, but those days are long behind her as she’s taken to wearing clothes much more becoming to her new royal look. This photo definitely doesn’t live up to the royal princess dress code.


Eying The Fan Club
Prince Harry was often considered a ladies’ man in his younger years, and this photo of him surrounded by female admirers does nothing to dispel that notion. Harry’s easy charm shows through as he casually chats to the blushing girls. While greeting the public is generally an accepted task for royalty, Harry is much less likely to want to be seen in such company after he’s a married man. Then again, any one of them could meet a prince of their own.


Two Is Better Than One
Meghan made no secret of her enjoyment of adult beverages in her earlier life, and she posted plenty of pictures demonstrating just how deep that love ran. This photo of Meghan holding two glasses to her mouth at once was probably a funny joke when she took it, but it’s definitely not something she wants the world to think of as she’s trying to put forward a more royal demeanor. At the very least, this is definitely something she and Harry had in common.


Hold Your Horses
After a break up, there are a number of reasons one might go through and purge pictures of themselves with their exes. On the one hand, they may not want to look at his face ever again. On the other, it can be a really uncomfortable moment when their new boo catches a glimpse of their last partner. For Harry, being a public figure means pictures with his exes are all over the internet, whether he wanted them to be taken or not.


In Armed Company
Meghan and Harry may be happy to be together, no matter their pasts, but there are a few things that definitely take more getting used to. The happy couple may not have wanted the world to know just how many guards surround them on every outing. This makes it appear that, if you’re royal, you never really get to be alone with your partner. As displayed in this picture, there’s always someone following close behind.


Suiting Up
This is a photo that looks rather incriminating for the future princess, but Meghan Markle and her fans at least know the truth behind it. Meghan’s big break came when she landed a prominent role on the legal drama, Suits. Markle’s character eventually becomes romantically involved with the show’s protagonist, Mike. Considering that the two characters would eventually marry in their final season, it’s no surprise that shots from steamy scenes are still making the rounds on the internet.


Window To The Soul
It’s much easier to forgive a child for behaving in such a silly manner, but when you’re a prince, you’ll probably have the whole world watching. Unfortunately, Harry wasn’t in the same position as most other children, as a prince is on display from birth. Harry’s only luck was that he was the youngest brother, and this picture was certainly an illustration that Harry was always destined to be the wild child of the two boys.


Santa Baby
As an aspiring princess, there are many moments Meghan Markle would like to forget. When she was getting her acting career off the ground, Meghan was a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal. Meghan definitely wishes the photos from this Christmas episode would disappear.

9 Ago 2014

Woke Up Like This
There’s a reason Meghan Markle’s social media pages have gone dark as she inches ever closer to her wedding. Taking selfies is definitely not royal behavior, especially in this case. Meghan may be casually sitting on her bed in her pajamas, but this is not a look for a princess. Markle’s charm may stem in part from just how relatable she used to be, but now that she’s taking on the role of royal wife, she’ll have to stick to a more dignified persona.